About myself

My mother signed me at the age of four to the dance classes from Zoltán Latabár, to jazz-ballet, where from the first moment on the stage got me, and until today I have been enjoying and I have loved all the minutes, which I have spent with dancing, music and movements on stage. I got familiar with ballet, music and the basics of rhythmic-gymnastics. We learned how to use the so called “hand-equipment”, like ball, circle, strip etc. Our teacher shuffled a lot of dance-styles into our repertoire, so that we could have more and more little slices from the big dance-cake. I had been learning in this school for 6 years, from the folkdance to the disco style, the whole stage material and lot of combination. I really liked the performances and presentations, where I could finally show, what I had learnt in the whole year.

For a time being I got opportunities to play in movies. They were looking for children-actors for costume-period-movies, and they chose me too from the more hundred children. I got familiar with a brand new, exciting world, where I could gain completely different, new experiences. These years have remained very important for me, because I have been going on further on with this spirit, I had learnt there!

At the age of 12 I, with two of my girlfriends entered into a talent-scout competition. During the competition a very lovely woman approached me and told me to develop my knowledge at her dancing-school. Of course, I was overwhelmed happy, and I grabbed the opportunity. I continued my way under her wings, where I got plenty of opportunities to have a look into the world of the stage, and into the secrets of the stage-life. The new doors of the dancing-world opened for me. I became a member of a selected crew, and next to several performance possibilities, I could dance in several plays, we were the guests in TV shows. We were the backstage dancers by lot of Hungarian singer, band and actors.

During the years I took part in a lot of shows on RTL, TV2 and MTV, like Koóstoló, Dáridó, Fásy Mulató, Schirilla Show, RTL Road Show, Ki mit tud?, in this show we were in the finals with my team for example. I also played on Vidám Színpad, Margit Szigeti stages, on the stages of Városliget and on the Felvonulás Square we performed as well. Besides this we were invited by several cities and cultural centres for performing during the year, in smaller and bigger Culture Houses.
We had several dance teachers and we practiced a lot of different styles. Every year three or four teachers who were dealing with my team, so the form of my present style and trends is an alloy of all the movements which I had learned on the stage.

In 1998 I graduated as dance teacher in modern dances. That time there had been no chances for those, who wanted to tech dancing. This graduation was followed by many studies, as in extending my knowledge in anatomy, and as well as trying to perfectionize my dances. I would like to mention the biggest names from my teachers: Endre Jeszenszky ballet master, Erzsébet Szollázs, Gábor Bakó, Béla Földi, László Budai, Judit Schnell, János Lakatos.

Besides them I had been working with a lot of teachers, I visited several Workshop and dance courses, where I gained knowledge in modern dancing as well (Hammadi, Lemon, Coetanous Dancing, and in the latest dances and street dancing). On dance contests I had the possibility to wide my experiences as a jury, or as a scoring judge.
In the life of dancing I found myself in the teaching. I began to work with children for the first time in 1996, first as an assistant instructor than later I created alone performance groups as well.

On my living area the little girls showed much interest, by observing my work, that is why I opened a dance course in Pilisvörösvár too. I had been teaching for years imperturbably, and I was travelling across the country with my own performing team.
After that I took classes mostly in Pilivörösvár and in the neighbourhood, but I also taught my educands in the city as well, because we worked a lot to improve their dancing knowledge.

In 2003, when my child was born, I was thinking over my possibilities, and I decided to open an own club. I created the ADENSSA dance school, which became in 2009 a Sports-Dance Association. The spectacular move-arts are reflecting my spirituality, which is appearing on the stage through my dancers.
On my 22 years career as a teacher my goal was to endear the world of dancing with my students, and I used my best knowledge to give them the eager ambition, the outlook on life, which I hope to this day my students remember from me who have spent shorter or longer time under my hand. In the past five years we were performing not only in Hungary, as well in Europe with my dancers, and with our own production on dance competitions, which we succeeded most of the time on the top!

My dancers possess with an outstanding knowledge, not only on the practival field, but also on the theoretical field. It is very important to me, that a dancer must be familiar with a lot of arts on the area of moving on the stage. About the performances I have learnt a lot from the actors, with whom I had the chance to grow up.
For my student I like to recall my memories and experiences, so that they can gain some thoughts about it, which they can use during their performance on the stage.


Acting school

The world of the stage is very interesting. The act of performance belongs to the life of dancing. To form the emotions, gestures and the mimic, these are the key words, from the dance-plays, which we tell in a story on the stage expressed with dancing. I felt my students are capable of more, that is why I created the acting school in our dance school.

The children can participate on singing and dramatic lessons to compete their dancing knowledge. The children are getting familiar from another side with movement world of stage, which is expanded with a lot of music and singing. On the dramatic lessons they learn the right Hungarian speaking, and the basics of the playing on the stage. They are getting more self-confident, braver and they learn to stand up for themselves. We perform the stories which I came up with, and I organize it on stage.

Our first play was EZ VAN, DE NO PARA (That’s all, but no Para ), which was a comedy and it was a great success! It represents the world of youngsters, young teenagers, their relationship with their parents, it reflects the whole XXI. century, and it culminates with the best new technical equipments, and with a lot of funny moments.

The second story of our acting group was musical-dancing play called, A TÜKÖR TITKA (Secret of the Mirror). The story shows us a magical world, which is existing on the other side of the mirror. The legendary creatures, like witches, leprechauns and fairies, they come to our world, to the world. We don’t suspect it, but they are helping in our lives. They protect us from the evil, who can pass into our world through the Fairy-Gate (Mirror), if we don’t protect and take care of our world. This cartoon-play has a lot to say besides its story. It attracts our attention to protect our nature and environment, and that the most important force in our lives is the power of love, and to keep this love.

Our acting school has got other possibilities in the last time. Besides the stage, I prepared children for acting in commercials or to commercial narrations. This performing circle requires a new, and different attitude. The right Hungarian world use, the beautiful talking, the accentuation and other curriculum which we learn on our dramatic lessons becomes conspicuous. The acting in a commercial, means another step forward for my students. The impact of the recordings is opening a new interesting and exciting world for them. If the camera is rolling, in the light of the reflectors, during the interviews, it means a new door to a completely different world. The commercial actings and narrations helped us to enlarge their knowledge, and to expand it after every task they fulfil.
The children of the dramatic-lessons are able to use the learned material on the dramatic lessons either on live-camera-recordings, or on the stage, but moreover in their life too.

Dance classes

Our lessons are passing in a good mood, but hard work is also accompanying this happy environment.

I tried to pass on my knowledge always in a playful style even if it is a little “dry”, but luckily my students are eager to learn, so I don’t have any difficulties with them.

Many styles are represented in our club, but our main profile is the SHOW- AND SPECTACLE DANCES.

These choreographies are representing one-one story in classic or in modern form.

The show is supported with decors and costumes to help the audience experience the deep emotions of the choreography.

We work on actual themes, or we process the problems of our lifes, and we phrase one-one emotions in the variety of our dances.

The qualification of our dancers is very important! I give my best to teach the technical elements also to the newcomers, to achieve that they are going to be the best on the stage!

From the art styles my students are learning the following: Limon, Graham, Hammadi, Horton and contemporary dance styles.
Besides we are offering classical basic-, and intermediate ballet education for our students.

We are also working in the Jazz (Latin, Broadway) and the present-day modern styles, which are complemented with acrobatics and rhythmic gymnastics.

My curriculum is very various and colourful, and I believe, every dancer must know that.

I take trainings more times per week for every team, because it takes a lot of time to pass on and to practice the wide diversity of the dances!

Despite of the hard work, my students are working very hard on every training session, because this is very important for them too, to be highly qualified dancers.

Competition team

We nominate every year to dance conquests with our competition teams.

A lot of our age groups are training with our teams, who are on competitions, or who are preparing for competitions.
We have weekly more trainings in our group. Besides the fit, and cardio trainings, we learn also ballet. In this group are the gymnastic and acrobatic basic requirements. Of course, on our trainings the main goal is the learning of the progressively upbuilded knowledge.
On the national and international dance conquests we are regular as a performance group, next to our competition team, our age-groups also participate on these competitions.

Our competition team participates in the competition in the capital, or in the country, or at abroad. The children really love the exiting moments of the dance competition. They gather lifelong experiences, they make friendships, and the together spent days and journeys are going to remain as wonderful memories.

My choreographies in which I nominate my teams are in the category of show-dance. Which is either in the line of art or is a modern conversion of a topic.

My dancer thanks to our “wide vision” trainings can cope with all dancing styles, moreover they can achieve always a position in the top!

Nowadays my dancers are coming back almost always with a gold medal.
Of course, this wasn’t always like this, but thanks to our persistent and devoted work, we could achieve our goals!
Humble and hard work is in our background, that is why they deserve the first place!

We were able to win European- and World Champion titles on several occasion!

Our results:

2007 EB
Rimini, Olaszország IDF VILÁGBAJNOKSÁG II.helyezés

2007. IIG EB
Düren Németország II. helyezés

2008 EB
Pula, Horvátország IDF Európabajnokság IV. helyezés

2009. EB
IIG Münster II. helyezés

2012. EB I. helyezés ( Umbere )

2013 EB I. helyezés ( Safri )
MLTSZ Budapest

2014 EB II.helyezés
IIG Münster, Németország

2014. EB kvalifikáció I. helyezés ( Bogár Vanessa )
Bécs Ausztria

2014. EB kvalifikáció I. helyezés
Bécs, Ausztria ( Káldi Laura, Babetta Nikolett )

2015 Eb I. helyezés ( Tréffi és a Törpillák )

2015 EB II. helyezés
Bukarest, Románia Börtön élet duó

2015 EB III. helyezés
Bukarest, Románia ( Szilágyi Dorina )

2015 EB mltsz
I.helyezés Raining man

2015 EB mltsz
II.helyezés Seherezádé duó
Majnek Lilla -Rákosfalvi Réka

2016. Austrian Masters “A” kategoria
I. helyezés ( Bogár Vanessa )

2016. Austrian Masters ” A” kategória
I. helyezés ( Börtön élet – Bogár Vanessa, Tihanyi Flóra )

2016. EB I. helyezés Felnőtt Trió
Weisweiler, Németország ( Babetta Nikolett, Szilágyi Dorina , Káldi Laura )

2016. EB III. helyezés
Weisweiler, Németország ( Bogár Vanessa )

2016. EB I. helyezés
JUNIOR EUROPA MEISTER – Börtön élet ( Bogár Vanessa, Tihanyi Flóra )

Our plays

Secret of the Mirror ( A Tükör titka )

(Musical fairy-tale play)

It is a story about the fairy-tale world and the reality world, which is connected through a Fairy-Corridor, hidden in the Mirror (secret). On one day the evil witch of fairy-tale, Dragonna, wants to pass on the magical corridor, with the help of the great wizard Almusz, to conquer the world of the people, the Earth! To prevent this to happen, the magical creatures of Mirroria the fairies and the leprechauns are cooperating with the people of the Earth, and to save all the children of the Earth.

« 1 A 6 »

The hidden, mysterious world behind the Mirror has a lot of secrets and interesting things. The great power, which is lying in all of us still, is the love and the cooperation which is going to help the mysterious and also on the real world at the end.

The message of the play serves as a lesson for the grown-ups, but this secret we can only find out at the end…

That’s all, but no Para (Ez van, de No Para )

The main characters are two families. The first one is following the conventional family and parent samples, the other one shows the daily living of an incomplete family. The play attracts the attention to all the main problems of our current world.
The second main group is a group of teenagers in a class, where we get familiar with the hierarchies in the school life. It is interesting, in locution-rich play, which leads us through the precipice of the social classes. It shows us the average weekdays, the “negligent” attitude from them, the every days disputes of the grown-ups in the middle of the problems, the corruption of the system, and there are lot of other interesting stories in the play “Ez van, de No Para”.

« 1 A 7 »

Next to these things this is a very temperamental comedy, with a lot of dances, with living musical songs, which was firstly created to teenagers and grown-ups in the first place.

Cockday cock reasoning (Kakasnapi kakaskodás)

The day of the cock became a tradition, and we became its guests with performings from our acting school group.
This year our “Cockday cock reasoning” and our “Egg-tale” short plays were to be seen. The actors were kindergarten students, and little schoolboys and girls, who are learning in our acting school group, and they have been learning for 2 years in our school about the magical world of acting.

« 1 A 2 »